Produced from Sticklac by crushing and washing to remove organic materials and other insoluble material to produce Seedlac.

Names of Seedlac we produce:

  • Golden Kusmi 2%
  • Golden Bysakhi: 3%
  • Manbhoom Fine Bysakhi Seedlac 3%
  • Fine Bysakhi Seedlac 3%
  • Ordinary Bysakhi Seedlac 5%


Shellac is produced by melting and filtration of Seedlac to make it 99% free from impurities.

Names of qualities of shellac we produce

  • TAJ Orange Shellac
  • TAJ Lemon Shellac
  • TAJ TN Shellac
  • TAJ High Flow Lemon Shellac.


Natural color of the Lac which is derived from the water in which Stick lac is washed.

It is widely used in textile industry and food industry for coloring.


Derived from Lac during Bleaching process as a by product.


Seedlac is dissolved in Alkali medium and bleached with Sodium Hypochlorite and produced in powder form. Dewaxed white shellac is used the same way as you would use any other grade of shellac. The major difference between this shellac and the others is that it is a bit harder, shines a bit brighter, is completely free from wax.

Dewaxed Bleached Shellac Powder is non-toxic, wax free odorless shellac widely used in pharmaceutical products. Dewaxed Bleached Shellac Powder that we offer is made keeping the set FDA standards in view. This shellac is fast drying and almost transparent in solution.


Used since ancient times, lac is a natural resin of outstanding properties and exceptional versatility. The only known resin of animal origin, it is actually the hardened secretion of a tiny insect, Laccifer laccca.

It is used in variety of products like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food industry & some other industrial applications. This durable and amorphous non toxic natural resin offers excellent physical and chemical features and is thus a sustainable organic and biodegradable natural resin preferable in many respects to synthetic resins.

Shellac has become an ideal base for binders and insulating products, primers and stabilizing coatings because of its high degree of elasticity & film forming characteristics.

Raw Shellac (Sticklac) contains approx: 40-60% pure Shellac, 4-6 % Shellac Wax and impurities, like sticks and sand etc and about 8 % of color.



» Hard and amorphous resin » Non Toxic » Thermoplastic » Edible » Low melting point » Soluble in lower alcohols & other solvents » U-V resistance » Water soluble in alkaline solution » Has excellent dielectric properties & strength » Low thermal conductivity » Low coefficient of expansion » Forms smooth & high gloss films in surface coatings, have excellent adhesive properties.
ATTRIBUTES : Pure Flawless quality Unsurpassable performance Safe packaging APPLICATION OF BLEACHED LAC : Fruit & Chocolate Coating Capsules & Tablets Coating in pharmaceuticals Varnishes for Paints & Printing Inks Wood Coatings Hot Stiffening Cosmetics Electrical Industry Names of Bleached Shellacs we produce
  • TIGERLAC 5050 Dewaxed Bleached Shellac
  • TIGERLAC 5052 Wax containing bleached shellac.